Sunday, October 31, 2010

O is for odor eaters

Let's admit it.  The popular boots such as Uggs, Beachfeet, etc, the scuff slippers, sneakers, hiking boots, soccer cleats, and soon enough the snow boots, get awfully sweaty and stinky!   When several pair of these funky  locker room-like shoes and boots are stored in a closet, shoe bag, or basket, put it bluntly...PHEWWWW!!!

Odor eaters made from scrap fabric
The other day, Sweet Pea inadvertently helped come up with a solution to the problem :)  She came home from her sewing lessons with a small cute quilted pouch she'd made after finishing her main project.  She'd quilted the pouch from some fabric scraps, and asked what I thought she could do with it.  A light bulb went off in my head immediately since I'd just written the blog "N is for non-toxic".  My bright idea was to add non-toxic, odor absorbing baking soda to her cute little pouch, sew it shut, and add them to her boots.  She loved the idea and proceeded to recycle some more fabric scraps to make a second pouch.  Once she was done sewing them shut, she proudly took them and put them in her boots.  She tells me they already smells better :)

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