Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!!  

I hope your little ghosts and goblins have a fun, safe evening.  Our kids managed to recycle some costumes, and alter them, borrow some clothes, and use regular clothes we already had into some cute costumes.  I've rarely bought a complete store bought costume (once I bought a bat like costume, and here and there a few props like Harry Potter's glasses, striped witch socks), but I prefer to sew something unique (my sewing skills are basic, not pattern worthy!), and be creative with what we have around the house and in the craft closet.   

This year, my little witch (recycled costume that has been worn repeatedly), camouflage army dude (borrowed all camo stuff from a friend), lifeguard (borrowed a lifeguard sweatshirt, whistle, sunglasses, and we had white makeup for the nose plus some bronzer), and Dorothy (altered the white portion of a previous costume, sewed her own gingham skirt, reused gingham hair ties, and glitterfied an old pair of my shoes with red paint and sparkles) look fabulous without breaking the bank, and I loved that we incorporated my green ethic into the fun by recycling and altering old costumes, borrowing, and being creative with what we already had.  

Happy Haunting from the Green Goblin...
I mean, Green Goddess ;) 

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