Friday, February 18, 2011

Recycled beauty

I was so excited to find a replacement for the glass pitcher that Tiger-Lily broke recently.  The original pitcher was a bridal shower gift, but at least it had a long life before it shattered. I found my new recycled glass beauty at Pier 1.  It's from Spain, and I love the tiny glass bubbles you can see in it.  Besides the fact that I got it for a steal, a love to buy recycled items when I can because if there is no market for them, there is less incentive for recycled products.   

Recycled glass dishes
I've got my eye on a few other recycled glass items from Pier 1 too.  Only problem is I don't want to get new dishes until I replace the dishwasher.  The baskets are rusted, and have stained the edges of my current plates.  I've applied the nasty coating to the rust areas, and that has helped some, but the dishwasher is getting up there in age.  However, I don't really want to replace it until it's all washed up, 'ya know?   The poor thing does get a workout in our house...but, I always run it full, and I am a master at fitting in "just one more thing".  Sorry for the dishwasher tangent!  Here is a picture of the recycled plates and bowls I'm considering. I think it's neat that they are imprinted with "Authentic 100% recycled glass" on them! 

recycled glass bottles

For more info on glass recycling and neat recycled glass items check out:

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