Friday, May 11, 2012

Great Green Gifts for Mother's Day 2012

Make Mom's day with some eco-friendly gifts from the heart.  Non-clutter child friendly ideas include chores without a grimace, breakfast in bed, or spending time with Mom doing an activity that she loves.  For example, at my house it's an annual tradition to plant the veggie garden with the kids' help.  Besides these gifts from the heart, what other kinds of eco-friendly gifts would mom appreciate?  Here are a dozen ideas that may elicit a smile from your eco-chic Mom:

How does her garden grow?   Consider the following for the Earth-loving, gardener: 

And speaking of relaxing…doesn’t Mom deserve a little bit of R&R?  Here are a few ideas to help her achieve some peace and relaxation, eco-style:   
If Soirees are more her style…help Mom be the hostess with the most-est eco-friendly style:

For additional green gift ideas for mom, click on  Any of these gifts, whether they be eco-friendly from the heart gifts, or something eco-conscious you purchase, are sure to put a smile on Mom's face.   Happy Mother's Day!