Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Method to the Madness

The madness of dustbunnies, dirt, and pet you sweep or vacuum and turn around to the madness of more of the same?  Seems to be a never ending battle at our house.  But I have found an eco-friendly product to help with the madness.  My "Method" to the madness is the Method Planet Friendly Sweeper Dusters.  I love these dusters because they don't send the dust flying, but capture the dust, dirt, and pet hair electro-statically.  That's good news for our indoor air quality, but the best part in terms of the planet is that these dusters are made from corn and they are compostable and biodegradable.  Method even gets the package perfect...the carton is made from bamboo and recycled paper, and the cardboard sleeve that holds the carton shut is at least 15% recycled paper too. No plastic!

So when you think green cleaning, there is a good "Method" to the madness of dustbunnies, pethair, and dirt.  Give the Method Planet Friendly Sweeper Dusters a try, and when you are done, add them to your compost, not the landfill!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Well it's been awhile

Looking back, it's been an incredibly busy June and July!

June is always a hectic month with the kids finishing out school, final exams, sports banquets, end of year celebrations, soccer parties, gymnastics shows, band concerts, award get the picture.

This year, the day after school ended, we packed up and headed to the NJ shore for a week of fun in the sun.  If only the water line to the fridge hadn't burst, it would have been a nice relaxing week.  Thankfully our good friends were texting, calling, and emailing us to let us know about the flood, figured out how to turn off water to the house, and spent hours making headway cleaning up ceiling tiles, and mess that resulted in our finished basement.  Hubby, aka my hero, zoomed 5 hours to get home and deal with cleanup, allowing us to stay at the beach.  If there is any lesson to be learned, "know where the shut-off valve to your fridge line is", and then before vacation shut it off!  We've added that to our vacation checklist, right next to washing machine shut-off valves :)  Also, make sure the folks watching your home know where the water line shut-off, and other utility shut-off points are.