Monday, April 2, 2012

Mooney Falls Return Trip

Downstream of Mooney Falls

Although getting to Mooney Falls was a 2.5 mile adventure, it was worth the harrowing climb down, and we had an enjoyable, leisurely stop at the 190' falls ( Canyon Havasupai Mooney Falls2012.html.)  We took lots of pictures, had a snack break, ventured downstream to explore, and the girls had some adventures with some frisky squirrels that they named "squirrel brothers".   We discussed continuing downstream another 3 miles further to Beaver Falls, but some of the troops were not willing to do the additional trek to less traveled areas :)  Once we had cooled off, and taken our fill of pictures, it was time to pack up our beach towels, dry off our feet, sprinkle on some foot powder, put the hiking boots back on, clip our water shoes onto our backpacks, and retrace our steps back up the cliff front to head to two more falls. 

Before ascending, check to make sure that there are no hikers descending.  Hikers cannot pass along

this section as there is only room for one person, so it is necessary to take turns descending and ascending.  After checking to be sure we could go up without meeting any other hikers, we climbed back up an aluminum ladder and then a series of wooden ladders.  It's important to be cautious on this section, being careful not to slip since the ladder surfaces and footholds get wet from the mist from the falls. After climbing the ladders, there is a very steep section along rough rock, and chains that are anchored to cliff walls with rebar and eye hooks, are key to making it up the rockface.  Without this chain and rebar for handholds and footholds it would almost impossible to ascend safely unless you are part monkey.  The trail continues and as on the way down, you must pass through two narrow, steep tunnels on your way up.   Once we made it back to the "descend at your own risk sign", we continued hiking back towards the Village of Supai, past the campgrounds, and continued to our next stop, Havasu Falls (Havasu Falls is approximately .75 miles upstream of Mooney Falls).  (July 14, 2011)

Although we weren't able to make a video of our ascent because we didn't have  any extra hands for the camera, and holding on tight and paying attention to our kids was a priority, check out this amazing YouTube video that another courageous soul made.  I'm still impressed with my kids for making this climb, they were beyond brave for 11, 13, 14.5, and 15.5 year olds!   If you are afraid of heights, this video may give that queasy feeling in your stomach that you hate, but I love this video.  It brings me back, and helps me recapture this incredible climb, and makes me want to go back and do it again!   Thank you to Crazyfinx for sharing it on YouTube, it's absolutely breathtaking!

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