Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eggs shells, coffee grounds, cucumber skins, banana peels - Day 21

Eggs shells, coffee grounds, cucumber skins, banana peels, apple cores, nut shells, grass and plant clippings...what do they have in common? Well they make great organic "green" additions to the compost pile. Eliminating organic items from our trash and the landfill and turning them into "black gold" or gorgeous rich soil is awesome. The other important component of the compost is the "brown" component or dry leaves, some wood ash, paper, dryer lint, dry grass, shredded newspaper, corn husks, and sawdust. Brown components slow the composting process down and feed good bacteria.

We've been composting for years, even during the winter. We purchased two compost bins that are available through a grant to our town. You can also construct your own compost bin easily with plans you can find on the internet. The soil that has resulted over the years is wonderful rich, organic soil that we use in our gardens.

Give composting a try and eliminate a huge amount of organics from your trash!

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