Saturday, February 20, 2010

Window Binds - Day 4

Today I enlisted the troops to help me with the window blinds. I'm hoping to make this into a good habit they can all help with :)

Opening and closing the blinds (we have double cell blinds) helps to conserve energy in the winter and in the summer. During the winter, opening the shades to take advantage of the sun's rays helps to warm the house. Then towards the evening, we close the shades to keep the heat in. During the summer, keeping the shades closed during the heat of the day helps to reduce cooling costs. Since I don't like to feel like I'm in a cave, I keep the shades closed on the sunny east side of the house in the morning, and open the shades on the west side to let light in. Then in the afternoon when the sun bakes on the west side of the house, those shades are closed, and those on the east side are opened. So enlisting the troops to help keep things open and shut will definitely help with the bottom line and conserve energy in the process.

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