Sunday, February 21, 2010

The future is in their hands - Day 5

Today I inconvenienced Tiger-Lily and Rhody and had them watch an Inconvenient Truth.  Rhody astutely asked a few times if any solutions would be presented because he was only hearing about the problems.  "You and I are part of the solution," was my answer.  We read the ideas interspersed in the credits too, and I pointed out that every time he remembers to turn off the lights, pulls down the shades, and recycles he is part of the solution.   Now that the whole family has watched the movie I feel like maybe they realize WHY it is so important to protect the Earth for their future, and WHY we do so many green things to help reduce green house gases, and WHY I want them to be good stewards of the planet and HOW they can make a difference every day. 

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