Thursday, February 25, 2010

Green Design - Day 8

Still learning the whole blogging thing....I don't know what happened but the blog for February 24, so I will do my best to recreate it because I wrote about how proud I am of my daughter Rosebud and her green design.

Did I mention that I'm VERY proud of Rosebud? She is participating in an eco-design event using her creative talents to REcreate, REdesign, and REuse materials to make stylish clothing. Today when we were at the fabric store for a zipper for her green garment, she discovered some really neat buttons made from recycled plastic and recycled cotton. Besides the zipper and thread, her garment is made of re-purposed and recycled materials, making it very eco-friendly, and although I may be biased, I think the garment is gorgeous as well.

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