Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's almost time for the Easter Bunny to come hopping down the bunny trail, and this year maybe you'll have an egg-cellent environmentally friendly surprise filled with sweets in your basket! Instead of plastic eggs from China, consider buying the "first 100% renewable Easter Eggs" made in the USA by eco eggs™.  Eco eggs offers their renewable multi-colored Easter egg alternative from non-toxic corn starch instead of petroleum-based plastics.  The eggs are also compostable, and do not generate emissions and create landfill waste, yet they are durable enough to be stored for years and used again and again.  And if you need grass filler for your Easter baskets, eco eggs™  also offers eco grass that is compostable and made from non-toxic corn starch, or can be stored and reused for years.  And just think, if one or two eggs get left behind after the egg hunt it won't be a problem!  The plant-based eco-eggs will slowly and harmlessly decompose.  For more Earth-friendly Easter tips be sure to check out 

Here's to an eco-Easter filled with fun and hoppiness :)

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