Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Don't forget to green your Easter by composting the Easter egg shells after you enjoy a yummy hard boiled egg :)  As they decompose, calcium is released back into the soil. It has also been reported that crushed eggshells help prevent  slug and snail damage because they don't like to cross them.  I will definitely have to give this a try in the garden this year, and see how well it works  :)

Egg cartons can be reused or recycled as well.  Use your cardboard type egg cartons for crafts, to store and organize jewelry or small items in your desk drawer, to store golf balls, to cushion ornaments, make fire starters (add laundry lint, some old broken crayons and/or used up candle bits), or make some seed starters just by adding some compost (or potting soil)!

For craft ideas, check out|_recycled-t75.html .             

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