Thursday, May 5, 2011

Great Green Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost here,                                     
and I got to thinking...
besides a poem from the kids,
what kinds of gifts would
spread a grin from ear to ear
for eco-moms far and near?

Here are more than a dozen ideas that may elicit a smile from your favorite eco-chic Mom:

  • To keep mom looking fashionable in "greenware", try this beautiful bamboo pashmina.  It will help her make a smooth transition from season to season, and she'll be fashionably green as  well.  
  • Wet her whistle, while keeping it green, literally :)  These pretty green, upcycled glasses help to  "protect our Earth", and are a useful, beautiful gift for any eco-Mom.
  • What better way to say, "Thanks for bee-ing there Mom," than the natural products from Burt's Bees?  Burt's Bees has lip, face, body, and hair products that are 99-100% natural.   I love their tinted lip balm to keep my lips soft and kissable :)
  • Is Mom a shop-a-holic?   Help green her sprees with some eco-chiq green shopping bags, lunch and snack totes, laptop cases, and more.  I recently purchased one of these bags through the school's green fundraiser (yeah!).  These bags are woven from polypropylene recycled from post consumer use, easy to wipe clean, and are really, really pretty and functional.  Most of the bags can hold up to 50 lbs, due to the  woven plastic fibers.

  • How about a new green time piece for mom?  Help her keep time with a beautiful new green watch from SPROUT. The sporty watch's case and buckles are made of corn resin, which is a renewable resource, and the bamboo dial, and organic cotton are also eco-friendly.

  • Maybe Mom will be entranced by the green gift that has tickled my fancy?  I love the upcycled GrowBottle Hydrogarden.  The re-purposed wine bottles come with organic seeds, clay pebbles, and a wool wick that makes themamazing hydroponic mini-gardens for culinary herbs.  I've been intrigued with hydroponics since my visit to The Land at Epcot as a young girl, and I'd love to try this unique upcycled mini-garden some day.

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