Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Green Bling

Artsy Fartsy earrings ~ $15
Susi DuPuis, took the saying,  "One man's (or woman's) trash, is another man's (or woman's) treasure", and allowed her imagination to soar.  She is the brainchild behind the creative jewelry collection called "Artsy Fartsy, recycled plastic jewelry", and her creations are inventive, colorful, and fun!

Artsy Fartsy bracelets ~ $20
She makes fun, funky, eye-catching jewelry from common household plastic containers, and if you look closely enough you may even spot a logo or two.

Susi is enthusiastic about sharing her art with others, and teaches classes and does demonstrations to help others consider using plastic as an art medium.  She's been featured in several shows on the West Coast for SCRAP Art, Trash to Treasure, and Salvage Art Exhibitions.

Artsy Fartsy necklaces featuring "stacked" disk beads $30-$90
Susi says, "I believe that what I am doing is merely scratching the surface of ideas for using recycled plastic containers.  What is most meaningful to me as an that my jewelry represents art and recycling with a functional element.  The plastic is recycled into a whole new functional life as's not recycled art just for art's sake."  I'm so impressed that Susi had the vision to take containers that many toss in the trash (yikes, why don't they toss them in the plastic recycle bins instead!?!), and creates such fun, funky, functional jewelry.  That's why I think Artsy Fartsy, recycled plastic jewelry is such a gem!
The earrings, bracelets, brooches, and gorgeous necklaces, are one of a kind pieces of functional art made by dissecting household containers, hand cutting the shapes, and fashioning them into jewelry.  Besides being beautiful, and unique, Susi says that the "green bling" is often a conversation starter and sends a loud and clearly beautiful message about the importance of recycling and reusing resources.   

Artsy Fartsy brooches ~ $20
I hope you'll stop by her website and browse her beautiful items, and next time you are looking for a unique green gift, consider purchasing one of her items.  I'm eye-ing a bracelet and necklace myself! ;) 

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