Sunday, February 13, 2011

Green Valentine's for your Sweet

Traditionally Valentine’s Day makes us think of reds, pinks, and white, and giving gifts to express amore.  And although card companies promote Valentine’s Day as a day of giving gifts, the gifts don’t have to be red, pink, and white, or expensive…instead they can be thoughtfully green.  How can Valentine’s gifts be green?  If you are in a quandary for a last minute gift, read on for a dozen ideas.  

  1. Instead of buying one of the ONE BILLION paper cards that appeal to the eyes, how about a Valentine that appeals to the stomach and won’t end up in the landfill?  Perhaps some homemade cookies or cupcakes would be appreciated in the your child’s classroom, or by your sweetheart?  You can add notes with icing to sweeten the “card” even more.  Sweethearts always appreciate something sweet.  
  2. Instead of a paper Valentine that in all likelihood will not be recycled as it should be, how about starting a tradition that continues for years?  Reuse one special card from year to year.  Each year, date and write a special message.  How sweet will it be to look back when you are both 90 and read them to each other?  That's a Green and Sentimental gift. 
  3. How about making a green recycled gift that kids will love making and giving?  Check out Family Fun’s idea to make cute recycled hearts out of crayon scraps!   
  4. What about flowers?  Many people associate flowers with Valentine’s Day, right?  And although I LOVE flowers, and think they bright up any space, I like them outside in the spring and summer even better because some of the flowers make me sneeze!  How about flowers that keep on giving and beautifying such as bulbs or a potted plant for a greener floral Valentine’s present.  Since I'm very lucky, and hubby is very romantic (and you hate to squelch that), I let him know that if he wants to buy me flowers, to buy them before or after Valentine’s Day and save some major green!  Speaking of green flowers, you can always indulge in organic flowers that are grown without the added chemicals used to grow traditional flowers.  Try
  5. What about chocolates?  Chocolates are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, and if you are a chocolate lover (I like chocolate any day, not just Valentine’s Day!), you might want to consider a greener chocolate alternative.  Try certified organic chocolate, or chocolate grown without chemicals, and without destroying the rain forests where cocoa beans are grown.  Additionally, chocolate that is Fair Trade certified ensures that the cocoa farmers are paid fair wages to provide us with the greenest sweet treat.                                                     
  6. If you think of jewels as a Valentine staple, think about green bling such as the beautiful recycled, functional artistic jewelry by Artsy Fartsy.  Not only is this jewelry unique, it is as green as jewelry can be - it’s made from recycled plastic, but it’s funky, whimsical, and functional all in one.
  7. Dim the lights…use less electricity, and set the romantic mood  with romantic candlelight.  BUT, you don’t want to pollute your indoor air with pollutants that are expelled by many candles.  Instead choose, soy or beeswax products to enjoy the glow of eco-friendly candlelight. 
  8. Speaking of candlelight, if you choose to go out to dinner, choose a green restaurant.  Check out Green Restaurant Association’s website, to find a certified green restaurant.
  9. Whether dining out, or dining in, try organic (grown without fertilizers or organic chemicals) and/or locally-produced wines.  See what you can find at and download their free mobile app while you’re there!
  10. How about making a delicious organic dinner, and eating in with organic wine, and beeswax candles, and organic chocolate for dessert?  Nothing says, “I love you like” taking the time to make a romantic home-cooked meal.
  11. So now that you are content from eating a delicious dinner, sipping some organic wine, and spending quality green time with your sweetheart, you may want to give him a gift?  However, buying for your man can be difficult for some, especially if you are in the market for a green gift for him.  Might I suggest a gift that you don’t have to buy, and you have on hand?  It’s the greenest, yet most intimate of all gifts. Yourself!  Slip into a sexy negligee, or don’t…maybe all you need is a nice red bow…dim the lights (saving electricity), light those soy candles, put on some sweet music…you get the picture ;)  If you need help spicing things up, head to the kitchen in nothing but your apron in search of a few groceries.  Read why cornstarch, tomatoes, avocados, chocolate, and buttermilk are 5 sexy ingredients you might want to introduce him to! 
  12. And if you are feeling super sexy, you might want to give him something to enjoy for a bit longer.  For more details, on this seductive green gift, read more at
 I hope you have a wonderful GREEN Valentine’s Day with the one you love!  

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