Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greener Gifting isn't Grinchy

So as I wrap presents this year, I've vowed not to buy more wrapping paper...nope, I'm using up what was purchased at the after Christmas sale last year, and vowing not to buy more.  And ohhh, of course as I use up the wrapping paper, I'm recycling those cardboard tubes too!

Actually, I've already started using less wrapping paper.  This year, some family and friends will not receive gifts wrapped in paper, but instead, their wrapping will be more eco-friendly.  Their gift will either be "wrapped" in a reusable cloth bags made by moi, or reusable gift bags that I am recycling, or a fabric type garment that is also a gift in and of itself!  Even the ribbons I'm using to tie up these packages are being reused since I am reusing satin ribbons, wire ribbon, grosgrain, etc.from previous presents :)  Some gifts don't even need to be "wrapped" traditionally, and a pretty ribbon with a tag will suffice.  I think it's fun to be creative, use less paper, less tape, less curling ribbon, etc.

Although I must give credit to my mother who is amazing about recycling ALL the wrapping paper each Christmas, as well recycling bows, gift bags, cardboard boxes for clothing, and cardboard boxes from packaging.  She actually sifts through the "trash bags" of wrap, packaging, etc. to sort it for recycling.  I guess recycling is in my genetic makeup ;) which means I hopefully have passed it down to my children whether they like it or not!  I think that's one of the greenest gifts we can give our families, don't you?

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