Monday, December 27, 2010

The Aftermath of Christmas

One garbage bag full of wrapping materials to be recycled
As you know, this year, I did my best to "gift greener", by using  handmade material bags that can be reused, as well as gift bags that get reused.  But, there was still wrapping paper from family members, and some from our family too.

So after all the gifts were opened and everyone sat back to with a cup of tea and cookies, what happened to all that wrapping paper, packaging, etc.? 

All the recycling packaged up to go to the recycle center in NJ.
My mom and I sorted it all out and this is what we ended up with for recycling...pretty amazing if you think of all the households that do not recycle, and the amount of trash one holiday creates.  My hope for the New Year is that more people make an effort, and spend the few minutes to sort and recycle.

Note:  The trash bags filled with paper to be recycled, are dumped out at the recycle center, and then reused!

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