Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I finally watched the movie Avatar, and it was much different than I had imagined.  I actually liked it!!! Not for the animation or cinematic reasons (but I did find it neat how the actors and animations were combined, and appreciated the anti-war message), but for the deeper message about Mother Earth, how all organisms are connected, how we need to protect the planet we inhabit, and work together to keep our planet healthy.  

Can you imagine if those who rape the rainforests and natural resources of the world felt those actions acutely in their own souls?  

Can you imagine if each and every individual had to stop and think before using resources, and think about the impact it has on the common good?  

For example, can you imagine if and when a person decided to use a papercup, or tissue that the pain and sorrow of the tree that was sacrificed to make the items was felt by the human race?  If oil that is sucked from the Earth to make various plastics, styrofoam coffee cups, plastic grocery bags, gasoline, oil to heat our homes, etc. was felt as though we were giving our own blood?  If we were connected to our planet as intimately as the Navi people are to Pandora, we would defend and protect our planet, and consciously make good decisions instead of wasteful ones.   Our decisions would lead to peace, serenity, and a healthy planet and World. 

I applaud director James Cameron for the messages he has woven throughout Avatar.  To quote Cameron, "Avatar asks us all to be warriors for the Earth. This beautiful, fragile, miracle of a planet that we have right here is our land. Not ours to own, but ours to defend and protect."  Here's to Peace, Love, and our Planet!  Bravo! 

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