Saturday, April 10, 2010

Called the Governor

Atta-girl!!!  This past week I did a good thing :)  I took a babystep in the form of a phone call to the Governor about BPA for the greater good.  Ok, so what is BPA?  And why did I call?  Read on...

On March 2,2010, Governor Deval Patrick of MA announced that he has directed the Department of Public Health to take steps to impose a limited ban on Bisphenol A (BPA).  He has proposed to phase BPA out of baby bottles and cups. 

BPA is a toxic chemical linked to early onset puberty, increased diabetes risk, hyperactivity, and certain cancers, including breast cancer.  Everyone should urge their government officials to phase out BPA and use safer alternatives that are already available. 

Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow (AHT) is urging the Governor to further protect child health, and recommends that the state should also phase BPA out of infant formula and baby food packaging as well as reusable beverage and food containers.  Connecticut has already passed a strong law to replace BPA with safer alternatives in many products, and now it is time to do so in Massachusetts as well. 

In support of AHT's great work in regards to legislation about BPA, and their BPA Call-in-Week, I called into the Governor's office to thank him for calling for a phase-out of BPA products, and asked that the legislation not stop at baby bottles and cups, but to please include infant formula cans and food and beverage containers as well.  Fingers crossed that the Governor will call for a phase out of BPA in these items as well. 

For even more info about BPA...check out these sites  and

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