Monday, March 19, 2012

Declutter, reuse, fling

I've sung the praises of Marla Cilley, aka FlyLady of on several occasions, and tomorrow's mission of the day is to fling (or toss) some socks and pantyhose.  FlyLady's sidekick Kelly writes about the mission,
"You know that drawer that is full of old pantyhose and mismatched socks that you have held on to for reasons you don't even know. It is time to go through and toss, toss, toss. Be good to yourself and let go of these things that are cluttering up your bedroom. Hidden in a drawer or not, it is still clutter. Take 15 minutes and toss, toss, toss!"
But WAIT!!!  Before you toss those old socks, reuse them one more time!   I keep a few old socks stashed with the cleaning supplies for quick cleanup.  For example, I frequently use old socks to cleanup after our bulimic cat messes, then toss the mess and the sock without the guilt of wasting a paper towel.  I know, I know, that's gross, but I don't want that grossness touching my hand, and the sock is thicker than the paper towel and already destined for the trash.  Or...for a less gross cat related option, stuff an old sock with catnip, tie a knot and watch your favorite feline go nuts :)  Don't forget about your favorite canine...tie some old socks together to make a cheap dog pull.  Call Fido over for some tug-o-war and exercise your biceps!  

For other quick cleanups, I'll use an old sock on my hand as a dust mitt.  It works well to go along the baseboards, picture frames, etc.  Maybe you have some dusty or yucky messes you need to clean up without wrecking your sponges.  Old socks also make great shoe polishers, and after you use them to apply polish you can use them to shine the shoe too!

Similarly, before you toss the old pantyhose, reuse it for cleaning between rungs on chairs, or between tight spaces.  Have you heard of using pantyhose to help get paint into tight spaces between fences, or slats?  After cutting old pantyhose into strips, they can be used to tie up plants in the garden without harming delicate stalks, and the hose will give as the plant grows.  Then after you are nice and dirty from gardening, how about putting slivers of soap to use in a pantyhose leg, and tying it to the outdoor faucet for a washing station?   I've also placed an old pair of pantyhose on the end of the vacuum hose with a rubber band to keep it in place, to prevent sucking up Legos or other small items permanently (you know small things that might be in or under the couch that you don't want to loose forever).  

Declutter, reuse, fling.  Give it a try.  Get going with inspiration from Flylady to declutter those drawers 15 minutes at a time, then reuse those old socks and pantyhose for greener spring cleaning alacartegreen style, and then fling.  Declutter, reuse, fling, repeat!

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