Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dual-flusher wins approval

Well, the HydroRight Dual-flush wins approval, even from the kids! I can't believe they actually like one of the home improvement changes we've made ;)

Now that Home Depot is carrying them, we were able to find a 3rd flusher at our local Home Depot and it was $7 less, at $17.98! So now, all 3 toilets will be saving us water, and money when they are used. 

So we'll chalk this home improvement up to a Dual-Flush-Dual-Win; parents are happy about conserving water, and the reduced water bill, and the kids are happy with the neat two button flush!   Who would've guessed? 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Again. I see you have 3 dual flush kits. That's great. I even bought my mother the HydroClean valves and a dual flush kit for her house. I have installed these before and it's easy, not to mention cheap. She wasn't sure about the push button, but she loves the HydroClean making her tank clean.
    I'm making my family covert, one member at a time!