Tuesday, July 6, 2010

recycling on the road

Well, it's been awhile, but we are still thinking and doing green deeds even though it's summer!  We're just back from a trip to the Jersey Shore, we had great weather and fun on the boardwalk, rides, at the waterpark and of course the beach.  Too bad we had obnoxious teenage neighbors above us who disturbed our sleep each night at horrible hours!  But we didn't let them ruin our fun :)  

So while we were on vacay we continued to recycle the items that NJ recycles such as cans, bottles, and glass. However, it just didn't feel right to toss out the cardboard and paper goods, juice boxes that need to go to Terracycle, and aluminum foil from our lunches on the beach...so we brought them home and recycled them here!  I drew the line at the compostables though and they did not make the trip home :) 

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